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Here you’ll find a representative selection of Goojee's work spanning the last few years as well as other pertinent information about the artist and his work, including some Videos.

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’The more humanistic our society becomes the more generally tolerant we become and thus push back the boundaries of what we consider taboo. This act is nothing more than a biological evolutionary condition which is equally evident in social evolution. The content of my work focuses on exploring and documenting this principle in action.


I work with real people and attempt to depict real personalities as I explore my relationship with them and with society.


My use of abstract form and colour in a representational context aims to render and evoke the range of emotion and sensibility that makes each one of us unique in our own way notwithstanding the underlying uniformity of that selfsame uniqueness.


Each work I produce therefore takes on its own individuality, much like the personality I portray, allowing me to go beyond the canons of style and movement in my search for pictoral coherence.'

Goojee, February 2016